Meet Me

Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Brian and I live in Las Vegas NV.

I've been modeling independently (not contracted) since I was 17 years old. It was hard growing up getting any signed work because I've had a very girlish figure since I was very young. Living in Vegas the modeling world didn't have much to offer unless I looked for my own work and so I did just that.

I posed as an androgynous model and picked up a ton of work. I've been featured in UK online magazines, clothing companies etc. etc. I believe in hard work and it took a ton of hard work to find who I was and what I was good at.

I advertised myself at a very early age and when myspace was still around I gained a lot of exposure on there lol. Unknowing of what it had done I remember going to concerts or to the store and people recognized who I was and wanted to take pictures with me because they had seen my work online. People would send me pictures of drawings that they would make of me (Images above) or of items they'd make of me and it was really cool honestly. Even though all of this happened, know that I'm not big headed or stuck up in any way and even though people treated me like something big or whatever you want to think of it as, I always remained the same Brian and just had a dream in mind.

I appreciate everyone who I come in contact with and get along with and if you're reading this right now then know that I truly appreciate you reading this and giving me a chance to even show you who I am in a couple of sentences. Notice that I'm not speaking in 3rd person on my website because I want to make this letter as personal as I can so you can understand me a little bit more and don't feel like you're entering my website thinking someone else wrote it for me. I'm a one man show and everything written and uploaded on this website is mine.

Back in 2012 I bought a Canon Powershot SX40. If you're familiar with the camera then you know that the zoom is absolutely astonishing on the camera and can take a clear picture of the moon. I began taking photos of things that were personal to me. I decided that I wanted to begin to live my life through photographs. I've always been a nostalgic person and the past is a big weak spot of mine because as I get older I miss my childhood more and more and miss playing on the playgrounds or amusement parks that I take pictures of now.. I grew up and became an adult but I always kept that young side of me.

Since 2012 I have been taking photos of mainly landscapes and things outdoors. I've only shot with a few models. I add my photos into my blog that I keep up with and talk about a ton of personal experiences I go through. As of 2015 I decided to really take it to the next level so I bought an entry level DSLR Canon 1200D to help give me more opportunity with taking better photos. The minute I decided to start doing this so many doors opened. Overall photography will definitely be a start to a new path that I'm really excited about. A personal path for me.

My focus would be to shoot landscapes/outdoor photos and one day work for National Geographic which has taught me so much about photography.

Photography to me is a way of escaping reality and getting completely in tune with my inner-self. Photography has helped me understand flaws and understand and appreciate life and every single moment it presents to you. It as well has made me want to use it for a good cause so I donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Suicide is something that has truly impacted my life and has made me realize that no one should ever feel lonely or stuck in life. Life is truly an amazing experience and sometimes you meet the wrong people or get put in a bad situation that truly messes you up and sometimes there's nothing you can do but suffer and try to get through it. Just know that things really do get better and sometimes you unfortunately have to suffer and push and fight for your happiness.

I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Las Vegas in February 2017 and as of March 2017 I am now a licensed Cosmetologist. What I would like to do with what I know about photography would be to fuse my photo taking skills with my Cosmetology skills and try to create something very cool and different of the hair projects I do.

There's no knowing where my life will take me with all of these goals and dreams I have but I hope everyone can hang around for the ride with me. <3

Thank you for taking the time to read this (if you've made it this far) and if there's anything I can service you with as far as with my photo or Cosmo skills then I hope to hear from you soon!



Brian Jameson


Licensed Cosmetologist

Sun: Capricorn

Rising: Sagittarius

Descending: Gemini

Moon: Aquarius

Nationality: Mexican, Salvadorian, French

Mens shoe size: 7

Womans shoe size: 9

Mens waist size: 29-30

Womans waist size: 24-26